18 oz Clean Linen

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    ​​​​​​​Made in USA
    FDA Registered
    FDA approved actives
    Operates under an FDA Monograph
    Kills 99.99 % of common germs and bacteria
    Non-Toxic & Non-Flammable
    Safe for Pregnant Women, Children and Seniors
    Residue-free / Not Sticky
    Safe, effective and non-irritating
    Mothers Approved
    Safest family protection against germs available
    2.5x Times as many uses per bottle vs. Alcohol Gels
    Extended protection against germs
    Only BAC Patented Hand Sanitizer
    Works with your skin's natural oils to moisten, soften and hydrate
    Moisturizing formula
    Foam formula features to prevent cracked or dry skin.
    Antimicrobial foam with benzalkonium chloride (BAK)

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